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upload stability

BeitragVerfasst: So 3. Jul 2016, 11:23
Author: SS1900
hi @ all
since i have updated my adsl line to fibra line ( 10Mb up / 50Mb down ) .
after many test i have set my up capacity at 1250 KB/s and my limit at 1000 KB/s .
so with these mods i have many problems with the upload stabily and the correct filling of my upload limit band.

all morphxt basis mods

essentially all zzul basis mods work well ( bastard , analyzzul etc. ) but also the tombston xtended , kmule and the new emule 0.50b with OverlappedSockets=1 string in the preferences.txt.

what do you think about this ?


Re: upload stability

BeitragVerfasst: So 3. Jul 2016, 22:03
Author: WiZaRd
Basically all mods that try to minimize slots are known to lose upload stability. That's always been the case but personally I prefer that over having 5+ trickle slots all the time.