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Aesthesys - Achromata (2018)

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 16. Mai 2018, 23:51
Author: Tuxman
Achromata (2018)

Warum nicht mal was aus Moskau?


The album has this modern progressive rock feel to it, though prog rock is far from the primary genre here, if present much at all. While prog rock is obviously an influence to some degree, the album is primarily driven by keys and especially by violin, giving it an overall neoclassical atmosphere. The voluptuous drumming and somewhat shoegazey guitars also provide the album with a post-rock vibe, especially through the band’s climactic style of song writing. On top of that, there is a hefty helping of electronic music here.


1. Grauer Wald
2. Filis Aureis
3. Marea
4. Himmelbarn
5. Melanocardia
6. Sapatha
7. Apogeion
8. Eosfyllon

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